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I started serious hurdling at ATR. For this I trained it sporadically because it was in the all-around. This was always more of a must than I liked it. I thought the part was still too complicated at the time. Because of this I preferred to do the sprint parts. At ATR I first mainly did the 300mh and tried the 400mh a few times. That went very well and resulted in me becoming Dutch champion in this part. Because of the longer hurdles I started to like the short hurdles more and more and that paid off. From 2017 I made the choice for short hurdle instead of long hurdle and only in 2019 did I choose not to do all-around and to focus fully on the hurdle and sprint parts. In the end, this was a good choice. The 100mh is a complex but very beautiful part. It is precisely that complexity and the details that count for me about the part.

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